715.1715/1534: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan ), Temporarily in Costa Rica, to the Secretary of State

Since my arrival on Monday,51 daily meetings of the Mediation Commission have been held. On Tuesday the members of the Commission [Page 255] held a conference with the Costa Rican Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Echandi. Informal conversations were also held with the Honduran and Nicaraguan Ministers resident in San José. At the concluding session yesterday afternoon it was resolved subject to the approval of the mediating governments to adopt the plan which was discussed in the Department for aerial surveys by the Commission itself for its own account and for its confidential use. At the conference with Dr. Echandi he expressed the conviction that it would be inadvisable to proceed publicly at this time in the Honduras–Nicaragua controversy since such action might complicate or interfere with the satisfactory progress which he feels is being made towards settlement of the Panama–Costa Rica boundary question.

In view of the Foreign Minister’s opinion which is shared by the Honduran and Nicaraguan Ministers, the Commission agreed to terminate for the present this public phase of the mediation and to continue its work through regular diplomatic channels. Copy of the resolution authorizing the procedure to be followed if the Department approves is being transmitted by air mail despatch.

I am leaving by plane today accompanied by Ocheltree52 for Panama where it [is] hoped that our instructions will be received.

  1. February 24.
  2. John B. Ocheltree, secretary to Ambassador Corrigan and of the Mediation Commission.