722.2315/2485: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

578. After two interviews with the Peruvian Minister for Foreign Affairs to discuss steps to carry forward the boundary dispute negotiations, my Argentinian and Brazilian colleagues and I are informing our Governments as follows:

The Foreign Minister informed us that his Government desires to find a solution with our cooperation. Prisoners will be returned within a few days and there will be drafted a communication demonstrating good will, in order to create a favorable atmosphere. We further suggested that it might be possible to reduce the Peruvian forces in the north.

As concerns the problem of the boundary, the Peruvian Foreign Office prefers to handle the question confidentially through diplomatic channels since it fears the failure of a conference or formal meeting where the two parties might adopt extreme and perhaps irreconcilable positions. My colleagues and I have reason to believe that we will be able to make progress along these lines.

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It would be helpful to urge the Ecuadoran Government to cooperate in the creation of a favorable atmosphere, taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the return of prisoners.