722.2315/2301: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Norweb ) to the Secretary of State

523. The following telegram has been received from the six neutral observers from Talara.

“October 2, midnight. Peruvian and Ecuadoran delegates have reached an agreement32 which they have signed jointly with the six neutral observers. This agreement provides principally:

A neutral zone between the lines:33 Peruvian: Punta Arenas, Rio Salado, El Guabo, Pitahuiña, Limón Playa, Panupali, Puente Puyango (exclusive), Rio Puyango, Quebrada Cazaderos, El Salto, Quebrada Pilares, Rio Macará, Rio Calvas, Rio Espíndola. Ecuadoran: Punta Mandinga, Balao, Tenguel, Rio Tenguel, Pucará, Hacienda Abañin, Guanazán, Buenaventura, Celica, Guayacán, Sozoranga, Cariamanga, Amaluza, Zumba, Chito.
All armed forces shall be removed from this zone, it will be under the observation of the neutral observers, civil police therein will be under the supervision of the neutral observers and civil practice will continue therein.
That acceptance of this is only for the purpose of demilitarization and no question of sovereignty or possession will arise therefrom. Agreement effective noon October 5th. We will bring the full texts agreement to Lima and Quito tomorrow. Please repeat to Quito.”

The Argentine Ambassador will telegraph the Argentine Minister at Quito.

  1. For text, see Memoria del Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores, July 1941–July 1942 (Lima, 1943), p. 204.
  2. Names of following places corrected on basis of enclosure to despatch No. 1901, October 6, from the Ambassador in Peru (722.2315/2390).