722.2315/1576: Telegram

The Ecuadoran Minister for Foreign Affairs (Tobar Donoso) to the Secretary of State


The Government of Ecuador has had the honor to receive the message with which Your Excellency is good enough to express the deep satisfaction with which the Governments of Argentina, Brazil and the United States of America have received the replies of acceptance of the Governments of Ecuador and Peru to the offer of their friendly services to promote the prompt, equitable and final settlement of the boundary dispute which exists between Ecuador and Peru. Consistent with its initial acceptance, my Government is disposed to give prompt attention to the suggestions which, as Your Excellency informs me, the three Governments which have offered their friendly services will propose with regard to the most practical method for holding conversations between the representatives of the parties to the dispute and those [the representatives]27 of the former [Governments]27 with the purpose of obtaining a prompt arrangement for the final and just settlement of the controversy. My Government, moreover, expresses to Your Excellency that, as is demanded by the solidarity of America and the gravity of its problems at the present time, it agrees with the desire expressed in the last part of Your Excellency’s cablegram that neither of the Governments involved in the controversy should take steps that may prejudice the relations existing between the two countries.

Thanking Your Excellency for your important communication, I take pleasure in reiterating the purpose of the Government of Ecuador of facilitating the noble action initiated by the enlightened Governments of Argentina, Brazil and the United States of America in order that the unsettled territorial dispute may be terminated definitively.

I renew [etc.]

Julio Tobar Donoso
  1. Brackets appear in the file translation.
  2. Brackets appear in the file translation.