740.00111 A.R./1337½

Memorandum by the Acting Chief of the Division of the American Republics (Bonsal) to the Under Secretary of State (Welles)

Mr. Welles: There has so far been little indication of response to the Uruguayan initiative—principally, it appears, because the proposal has been slow in reaching the governments of the other American republics, having been transmitted by air mail. Reports have been received from our missions as follows:

Argentina: The Uruguayan proposal was reported by the press to have been delivered to the Argentine Foreign Office, but there has as yet been no expression of views by the Argentine Government. Buenos Aires press reaction was favorable.

The Argentine Ambassador at Rio de Janeiro was reported by the American Embassy at Rio de Janeiro to have suggested to the Brazilian Foreign Office that Brazil and Argentina send identic notes to Uruguay in response to the Uruguayan initiative. The Brazilians are understood not to favor this procedure, but they have not as yet answered the Argentines.

Brazil: Foreign Minister Aranha stated to Ambassador Caffery that he is doing what he can, especially with the Argentines, to support the Uruguayan proposal. The Brazilian Government is understood to be considering sending a circular telegram to all its missions supporting the Uruguayan proposal.

Bolivia: Before the Bolivian Government had received the Uruguayan proposal, the Bolivian Minister of Foreign Affairs told the American Minister he was in favor of the Uruguayan proposal provided it was approved and adopted by the governments of all the American republics.

Chile: The Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs told Ambassador Bowers that he wished to discuss the Uruguayan proposal with him and to get our viewpoint before giving a reply.

Colombia: The Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs discussed the Uruguayan proposal with Ambassador Braden, implying that in a long memorandum to President Santos concerning it he had recommended a favorable response.

Paraguay: The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay informed Mr. Frost that he had not as yet received the Uruguayan note, but that he would be glad to give it his best consideration when it arrived.

Uruguay: The Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs informed Mr. Chapin that he appreciated the special instructions that were sent to the American Minister at Asunción to support the Uruguayan proposal, and he requested that similar special instructions be sent to Bogotá and Lima. This is being done.

Philip W. Bonsal