722.2315/1433: Telegram

The Ecuadoran Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Tobar Donoso ) to the Secretary of State


The Ecuadoran Government has learned with pleasure of the conclusion of the frontier agreements which have been sealed by Colombia and Venezuela15 and by Panama and Costa Rica16 on definite bases of friendship, bringing their difficulties to an honorable conclusion, and on this singularly appropriate occasion wishes to manifest anew to the republics of the continent that it is disposed now as before to solve in an equitable and business-like form its controversy with Peru in a manner appropriate to peoples of the same historical origins and ancestry bound together by the epic ties of the emancipation in which they made their sacrifices for the conquest of liberty and called into a close union by the inter-dependence arising from their proximity itself, the complementary character of their economies and other fortunate and unavoidable circumstances. Our difference is the only one that still casts a shadow on America, impeding the republics in delivering themselves with absolute frankness and generous brotherhood to the needs of the common defense and of mutual cooperation. My Government consequently would not overlook any juridical method to attain that solution which is called for by the peaceful policy of the vigorous continent in this solemn moment in which only right can save the world, burning in an orgy of hate and violence. As has been repeatedly stated by Ecuador, it is ready to enter into direct arrangements with Peru if it is given guarantees of good faith in the negotiation, to take advantage of the eminently American recourse of arbitration, or to accept finally the friendly assistance of other governments which may desire to lend their fruitful cooperation to terminate the dispute. We do not exclude any recourse nor refuse any proposition compatible with the history and the nature of this annoying dispute. I hope that your illustrious Government will look with lively sympathy upon this attitude which reveals once more the confidence engendered by the community spirit of the American nations and their unanimous tendency in favor of reciprocal concord. With this assurance I reiterate to Your Excellency the expressions of my highest consideration.

Julio Tobar Donoso
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  2. For text of boundary treaty between Costa Rica and Panama signed at San José, May 1, 1941, see ibid., p. 751.