722.2315/1382: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Brazil (Burdett)

49. From the Under Secretary. Department’s 22, January 15, 9 p.m.10 I have received today a personal airmail letter from the American Minister in Quito of which I quote below the pertinent excerpt:

“At this morning’s interview, I asked Dr. Tobar11 if there was anything he would like to tell me about the latest developments in the boundary matter.

[Page 215]

He explained in some detail that the Foreign Minister of Peru had suggested that the simplest solution might be through direct negotiations. Probably as a first step to reestablish confidence, the two Foreign Ministers might confer about a treaty of amity, probably including exchanges of professors and students. However, the Foreign Minister showed me a telegram received yesterday from Ecuador’s Minister at Lima indicating that the proposals had been withdrawn.

Dr. Tobar thought it conceivable that if the Foreign Ministers of Peru and Ecuador could meet on neutral ground possibly at Washington, possibly aboard a neutral ship, that some progress might be made providing two or three representatives of impartial countries could be present. Dr. Tobar suggested that the arrival of the new Minister from Brazil might offer such an opportunity if an appropriate ship were available.

Another way would be for both Foreign Ministers to visit Washington, in which event it might be better not to announce the object of the visit. Possibly the opening of the Field Museum might afford such an opportunity. That Peru and Ecuador could reach an agreement by direct negotiations without the presence of representatives from other countries, the Doctor thought highly improbable.”

Please communicate this information informally to Dr. Aranha and tell him that I believe this information will be of value to him in connection with his present negotiations. [Welles.]

  1. See footnote 5, p. 213.
  2. Julio Tobar Donoso, Ecuadoran Minister for Foreign Affairs.