800.85/253: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Tuck) to the Secretary of State

673. Reference to Department’s telegram no. 347, June 17, 10 p.m.,15 and strictly confidential circular June 24, noon. In conversation with the Minister for Foreign Affairs this morning, I took the occasion again to emphasize the difficult situation confronting inter-American shipping and the responsibility of all countries concerned in cooperating towards a solution of the problem. Dr. Ruiz Guiñazú stated that his Government fully realized these difficulties and he was actively engaged in cooperating with the Minister of Marine and the President of the Commission for fostering an Argentine merchant marine in working out a solution towards the acquisition of foreign shipping now in Argentine ports. He added that steps were now under way to acquire by purchase German, French, Italian and Danish vessels now in Argentine ports and that he did not anticipate difficulties [Page 200] in this respect. In so far as the four Danish vessels were concerned, he said that steps toward their acquisition had been facilitated through the Danish Minister in Berlin acting in collaboration with the German authorities. As regards the Italian vessels, negotiations were being conducted by the Argentine Ambassador in Home and satisfactory progress was being made. Dr. Ruiz Guiñazú stated that these vessels would be operated under the Argentine flag and with Argentine crews and in agreement with the conditions specified by the British Government (Department’s circular telegram of June 24 noon). He authorized me to inform the Department that he hoped for a solution of the matter shortly.

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