710 Consultation 3/51

Memorandum by the Adviser on Political Relations ( Duggan ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

Mr. Welles: The Ambassador of Chile7 was not very clear to me exactly what he had on his mind. I gathered that he felt somewhat embarrassed by the message from Dr. Rossetti invoking a consultative meeting. …

In any case, I informed the Ambassador that the Minister’s message was welcome, that it was my understanding that Dr. Rossetti’s message as well as that of Mr. Hull would be circulated this afternoon by Dr. Rowe to the Chiefs of Mission in Washington from the other American Republics so that the Chiefs of Mission could transmit to their Governments both messages at the same time. The Ambassador went away apparently satisfied that Chile’s initiative had not produced any embarrassment.

Laurence Duggan
  1. Rodolfo Michels.