740.0011 Pacific War/728: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State

This afternoon before immense throng President Baldomir delivered scheduled address in which he discussed proposed constitutional reform and his determination to carry it out in accordance with national will in spite of Herrerista opposition. He reaffirms forcefully Uruguay’s international stand and his determination to proceed with defense measures for country’s own protection and continental defense in compliance with international obligations. He mentioned specifically purchase of needed armament and construction of airports which would be available to air forces of America. [Page 112] With respect to coming elections he stressed need for a successor committed to same policies. In a passage interpolated at last minute he referred to Japanese attack on United States stating that it constituted a new and grave preoccupation for Uruguay, that foreseeing such a development the Government had studied the resulting situation consulting neighboring countries and seeking a continental solution, and that the path to follow was indicated by the Panama and Habana Conferences. Various references to United States were enthusiastically applauded. Informed United Press transmitting full text passages concerning foreign policy.