740.0011 Pacific War/938: Telegram

The Minister in Paraguay (Frost) to the Secretary of State

218. Referring to Department’s circular telegram December 7, 10 p.m. I have honor to transmit translation of note just received from Foreign Office expressing views of Paraguayan Government which is being given to press.

“The Paraguayan Government upon receiving the view of its Cabinet Council with regards to the state of war between the United States of America and Japan has adopted the following resolution:

To reaffirm once more its intention of fulfilling with absolute fidelity its international undertakings with regard to the defense of the continent, solidarity, reciprocal assistance and defensive cooperation agreed upon in the conferences of Lima and Panama and in the meeting of Foreign Ministers at Havana.
Faithful to its tradition in matters of international policy, to repudiate all unjustifiable aggression.
In consequence, and in accordance with Resolution XV of the Havana meeting, to express the solidarity of the Paraguayan Government with the Government of the United States of America in the presence of the Japanese aggression.
To support jointly with the American countries every attitude designed to render effective between them the policy of mutual assistance and reciprocal cooperation necessitated for continental defense.
In conformity with the second paragraph of Resolution XV of Havana to adhere to the suggestion of Chilean Foreign Office to convoke the American countries to a consultative gathering.