740.0011 Pacific War/1023: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Boal ) to the Secretary of State

287. Reference my telephone conversation with Duggan,59 following is text of Nicaraguan telegram of today to the Government of El Salvador:

“My Government is most grateful to Your Excellency for the suggestion that jointly with the Republic of Honduras the waters of the Gulf of Fonseca be offered to the United States of America and to any other American nation for the common defense of the continent. In concurrence with the high aims which inspire Your Excellency’s illustrious Government, I am pleased to bring to your attention the fact that my Government, in anticipation of such a practicable idea offered in advance to the Government of the United States of America, as from the night of the 7th of this month, the free use of its territory including inland and maritime waters.”

  1. No record of conversation found in Department files.