740.0011 Pacific War/882: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Boal) to the Secretary of State

264. President Somoza has issued the following manifesto published in today’s newspapers:

“The world already knows of the violent and unjustified aggression on the part of Japan of which the United States of America has been the object. Before this latest attack Nicaragua cannot remain indifferent, linked as it is with the nation of the north and with each of the sister republics of the western hemisphere not only by ties of geographic solidarity and of sincere democratic ideology but also by various declarations and pan American conventions signed in Lima, Panama and Habana which in themselves create an immediate obligation. In consequence my Government finds itself under the necessity of considering Nicaragua in a state of war ‘de hecho’ with Japan pending the legal declaration of such status by the National Congress in accordance with the principles contained in our political constitution, and this attitude which I assume in solidarity with the nations of the American continent in addition to representmg my own democratic [Page 104] convictions faithfully interprets the sentiments of the Nicaraguan people who have already made them clear in public and spontaneous form. This hour of history is of transcendental importance to the destiny of our peoples and no passive attitude is possible; the gravity and speed with which events are developing demands of us constant vigilance and prompt action for the defense of human liberties and of Christian civilization endangered by the attacks of unrestrained forces and violence which threaten to destroy democracy, the foundation stone of the security and well being of all free men. Signed A. Somoza.”