855.852/38: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State

34. Department’s telegram No. 36 of February 27.11 Prior to receipt of Department’s telegraphic instruction No. 35, Hamilton, vice president of Gulf Oil Corporation, conferred with Panamanian Registrar of Vessels by appointment made informally through Embassy. Hamilton was told by the Registrar that the Belgian Minister to Panama residing in Guatemala had requested cancellation of the provisional certificates of registry which were granted in October [Page 13] last for 6 months, that Panamanian law requires presentation of certificate of release from the Belgian Government, and that the Panamanian Minister of Finance12 has given the Gulf Corporation until March 5 to present this certificate. This information has been confirmed to Muccio13 by the Registrar. Pertinent portions of Department’s telegram No. 35 are being brought to the attention of the appropriate Panamanian authorities.

  1. Not printed; it requested that information asked for in telegram No. 35 of February 25 be expedited as it was urgently needed (855.852/37a).
  2. J. E. Ehrmann.
  3. John J. Muccio, First Secretary of Embassy in Panama.