Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Samuel Reber of the Division of European Affairs

The Marchese Rossi Longhi6 called today at his own request to discuss the interpretations to be placed on the Department’s note of March 14, 1941, concerning the restrictions imposed upon the movements of Italian officials in the United States. He specifically inquired regarding the necessity of obtaining advance permission for Italian officials to come to Washington to confer with the Ambassador or for Italian subordinate officers to proceed to consult with their supervising Consuls General or Consuls. I stated that while no specific directives had been given me in this connection, it was my understanding that such trips were part of the “recognized duties of their respective offices” and such would be subject only to notification. I reiterated that the request of the Department applied to the Italian officers concerned as regards the exercise of their duties but that the Department would, of course, appreciate being informed of their general movements.

As regards the specific trips performed by the military and naval personnel of the Embassy, the notification of which was to be given to the Department, no specific line could be drawn beyond which notification of trips would be necessary. It would, in general, be left to the Ambassador to determine how the spirit of the Department’s request could best be complied with as it was apparent that the Italian Embassy now appreciated the situation. In answer to a specific inquiry on the part of Marchese Longhi, I stated that I did not anticipate that the Department would be in a position to reconsider its request concerning limitations imposed upon the activities of Italian officials in this country.

  1. Minister Counselor of the Italian Embassy.