The Secretary of the Navy ( Knox ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

My Dear Mr. Welles: There has been brought to my attention your inquiry concerning the suggestion which came through Colonel Donovan [Page 696] that we lend some assistance to the Greeks by providing them with some tractors and trucks in order to get their crops in this spring.

I am glad to advise you that I have taken this matter up with the President and he has approved a project to provide the Greeks with some 40 70-horsepower tractors, 2500 one and one half ton trucks and 1500 three ton trucks. I suggest that we get in touch with Jesse Jones87 and see if it can be financed in that way.

The President suggests a man by the name of Campbell to handle the project for the Greeks and follow up to see that the purpose of the underlying project is carried out successfully. Campbell is a man who formerly operated on a big scale in the wheat belt in the west. I think he is now in the employ of some large ranch people in Texas.

If you will let me know just how to proceed, I shall be glad to take care of the details in the matter.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Knox
  1. Secretary of Commerce and Federal Loan Administrator.