The Chairman of the Clearance Committee, Army and Navy Munitions Board ( Bines ) to the Chief of the Division of Controls ( Green )

Dear Mr. Green: The British Purchasing Commission on behalf of the Greek Government has requested from the Navy Department ten thousand (10,000) rounds of 6–pounder (57 mm) ammunition.

The Navy Department has declared the ammunition surplus and has notified the War Department that it is available for transfer to the War Department for exchange through an intermediary with a view to the ultimate sale to the authorized representative of the Greek Government.

The total exchange price will be based on the price of the material as invoiced to the War Department plus packing and loading charges. The Navy Department desires to obtain in exchange for the above ammunition the equivalent value of 3ʺ/50 caliber gun sights, Mark XVI, Model 6.

It is requested that this office be advised if the sale of this ammunition is in conformity with the foreign policy of the United States.63

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For the Clearance Committee, Army & Navy Munitions Board:

Very truly yours,

Chas. Hines

Colonel, Coast Artillery Corps Chairman
  1. In a letter dated January 17, Mr. Green informed Colonel Hines that the proposed transaction would be in conformity with the foreign policy of this Government. A memorandum by the Secretary of War, dated February 4, declared this material surplus (868.24/150).