740.00112 European War 1939/3930: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers (Cole) to the Secretary of State

597. From Murphy. Weygand’s personal military aide Major Gasser returned from Vichy last evening. He delivered this morning a handwritten message from General Weygand dated at Vichy yesterday to me from which I quote the following: “Continue I beg of you to favor the supply program. As the Marshal told Admiral Leahy nothing is changed in French policy by my departure. Just suppose that I have passed to the other world. French Africa would continue notwithstanding that unimportant normal accident. Gasser who will give you this letter will tell you how much I count on the maintenance between our two countries of the union necessary for the near future of the world.”

Gasser said that Weygand had written to all the authorities in French Africa in whom he has confidence (especially Boisson21 at Dakar and Chatel at Algiers) insisting that they remain at their posts. In Gasser’s opinion if the organization which Weygand has built up in French Africa crumbles overnight with the departure of the General his enemies in Vichy will be delighted and regard it as proof that his retirement is justified. He also said that one of the principal weapons used against Weygand was the publicity given him in the British and American press and radio. He said that sometimes one forgets that unfriendly persons in Berlin and Paris listen to those broadcasts and read even articles by Pertinax.21a [Murphy.]

  1. Pierre Boisson, High Commissioner in French West Africa.
  2. Pseudonym of André Géraud, French journalist, editor of L’Europe Nouvelle.