740.00112 European War 1939/2978a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul at Dakar (Wasson)

78. As a result of conversations between General Weygand and Counselor of Embassy Robert Murphy, now temporarily at Algiers, [Page 388] the Department is putting into effect a plan of furnishing limited amounts of economic supplies to French Africa. The assistance to be given consists of affording facilities to authorized representatives of the French Government to make purchases in the United States of products considered essential to maintain the economy of the French African territories, under assurances that none of the products or their equivalents would be reexported in any form and that their distribution for internal consumption would be strictly supervised and controlled by American vice consuls designated for the purpose. The supplies are to be transported in French vessels, and it is understood that if any violation of the agreement should occur the plan would be terminated in its entirety.

The program so far drawn up, and which is now considered to be in effect, is limited to French North Africa. However, discussions are taking place with a view to the possible extension of the plan in some form to French West Africa. The French Embassy here is preparing a detailed list of the needs of the latter territory and it is expected that the matter will be followed up through further conversations with General Weygand.

A shipment of petroleum products for North Africa is now en route to Casablanca on the tanker Schéhérazade, and two freighters are scheduled to sail this week for the same destination. The Schéhérazade will stop at Dakar en route in order to discharge 2,000 tons of gasoline. Vice Consul E. Paul Culbert is making the journey as a passenger and will remain at Dakar to supervise the distribution of this fuel and any future cargoes which may be sent to French West Africa. He will be assigned to your office for such duties in this connection as were outlined to him in oral instructions before leaving the United States.

Please inform the appropriate authorities of the above and request provisional recognition for Culbert.