125.283H3/161: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers (Cole) to the Secretary of State

235. From Murphy. Your 129.38 The Vice Consuls in question may appropriately be used for courier service.

Vice Consuls King, Knox, Boyd, Canfield, Woodruff, Rounds, Utter and Knight have arrived here for consultation. Subject to the Department’s approval and assuming that the economic plan is not to be abandoned the following temporary distribution of this personnel is being made: Algiers, Knox and Boyd; Casablanca, King and Canfield; Oran, Rounds and Knight; Tunis, Utter and Woodruff.

Vice Consuls Wilkes and Reid remain at Casablanca and it is suggested that Bartlett, if and when he arrives, also be detailed to Casablanca.

Whatever may become of the plan of economic cooperation (and I remain convinced that we should prosecute it) it is respectfully suggested that the above personnel should be used to the best advantage as long as it remains practicable to do so. The French African situation contains elements of value to us which we should exploit.

I was told by General Weygand’s39 diplomatic officer this morning that there is no objection whatever to the presence of this personnel. Quite naturally, should the economic plan fail, their activity along [Page 315]some of the lines contemplated originally would be curtailed but opportunities for useful services could be developed. Investigations of the question of German infiltration in this area could well occupy the time of several officers.

[Here follow recommendations regarding allotments for courier service, travel allowances, etc.]

  • [Murphy]
  • Cole
  1. Not printed.
  2. Gen. Maxime Weygand, Delegate General of the French Government in North Africa.