855.852/55: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Panama (Dawson)

82. Following telegram received from Gulf Oil Corporation, Pittsburgh.

“Referring to our telegram this date19 informing you that Judge Bryant of the United States District Court for Eastern District of Texas has dismissed libels filed by Belgian Government against motor tankers Good Gulf, Belgian Gulf, Lubrafol and Spidoleine and awarded the tankers to claimant, Gulf Oil Corporation, we have the honor to inform you we have asked through our representatives in Panama, that the Government of Panama extend the temporary registration of these tankers for 6 months and thus give us an opportunity to take the necessary steps looking to permanent registration. Your attention is respectfully directed to the fact that we have been unable to comply with the requirements of the laws of Panama in this regard due to the fact that these tankers have been in the custody of the Court and beyond our control. It would be most helpful to us if you would be willing to make appropriate representations to the Department of Foreign Relations of the Panamanian Government or such other department of that Government as to you may seem best. The temporary registration is due to expire tomorrow, May 6, and hence prompt action is imperative.”

You are authorized to make known to appropriate officials of the Panamanian Government the contents of the foregoing telegram and to express the view that any action taken by the Panamanian Government without prejudice to the rights of the Panamanian Government or to any of the parties interested in this action, by which these vessels may be placed in operation will be appreciated.

Decision of Court referred to was handed down May 3d.

  1. May 5, not printed.