The President of the Chinese Executive Yuan (Chiang) to President Roosevelt32

Mr. President: At this crucial moment for China when Japan formally recognized its puppet organization in Nanking, your generous and timely announcement of a substantial loan to China has infinitely increased China’s powers of resistance, strengthened its social and economic structure, and enhanced the confidence of the army and people in its final victory over the aggressor.

It is the deep and widespread conviction of my countrymen that the solution of the Far Eastern situation and the establishment of lasting peace could only be brought about by the pursuit of the far-sighted policy and lofty ideals in which the world has looked upon you as its great leader. Peace and reconstruction in the Pacific will require the cooperation and common endeavor of the United States and China, and it is my sincere hope that you will constantly give us your counsel and guidance.

In connection with the proposals for an air force for China to prevent the spreading of the war to Southern Asia, and to accelerate its termination, which I entrusted to Dr. T. V. Soong to communicate to you, I should be grateful if in view of the urgency of the situation you could indicate to him your views on these grave matters as soon as possible.

Please accept [etc.]

Chiang Kai-shek
  1. Translation of telegram transmitted to the Department by President Roosevelt on December 23.