893.48/1993: Telegram

The Consul at Hanoi (Reed) to the Secretary of State

64. Reference the Department’s telegram No. 143 to Chungking, August 14, 8 p.m.71 After having previously authorized the reexportation to Hong Kong of certain supplies for the International and the Chinese Red Cross Associations, an authorization which could not be used because of lack of shipping space, the Government General has now refused to extend the previous authorization and has stated that existing circumstances prevent the issuance of a new I authorization. In view of the fact that the French liaison officer I with the Japanese mission asked me to supply details of these supplies just prior to the Government General’s adverse decision, it is certain that the Japanese attitude is responsible for the decision.

Sent to Cavite for repetition to the Department, Chungking, Peiping, Hong Kong.

  1. Not printed.