811.5034 (China) American Radio Service/70: Telegram

The Consul at Tientsin (Fletcher) to the Secretary of State

Department’s 159, October 2, 6 p.m. American Radio Service. I have today received a reply from my Japanese colleague to protest lodged in accordance with the instruction contained in the telegram under reference. The reply states that since the equipment was received from the French authorities he was forced to consider my protest as having been “misdirected”.

In view of the evasive nature of the above reply and of the unsatisfactory reply from the French Consul to my protest to him (as reported in my despatch number 1211, October 15, 1940 to the [Page 927] Embassy86), it is suggested that the Embassy make appropriate representations on the matter to the French and Japanese authorities at Peiping. I consider that further action here would only delay settlement of the question and would serve no useful purpose.

Sent to Peiping. Repeated to the Department, Chungking, and land wire to Tokyo.

  1. Not printed.