852.75 National Telephone Co./349: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

92. My 90, April 22, midnight. Spanish lawyer mentioned in my 90, April 22, midnight, called again at 10:45 this morning stating that he had been instructed by Gamero del Castillo to inform me that Serrano Suñer had last night telephoned to the Caudillo advising him that he wished to confer with him on the matter of the telephone company before the Caudillo’s interview with the Ambassador scheduled at 12:30 today and suggesting that the interview be postponed therefore until Friday next.80 The Caudillo was alleged to have replied that it would be entirely agreeable to him to postpone the interview as desired by Serrano Suñer. I at once pointed out to Del Castillo’s representative that while his information was interesting I had a written invitation from the Caudillo to see him today at 12:30 and intended to keep the appointment. The emissary then endeavored to draw from me a statement as to whether I would consider it an offense to myself or to my Government if the Caudillo were to postpone the interview. To this I replied that the question of the postponement of the interview would appear to be a matter entirely for the decision of [Page 877] the Spanish authorities themselves but that I should very greatly regret the postponement of an interview which had once been refused and had finally been obtained only after a renewed request made upon the direct instruction of my Government. Throughout the interview the lawyer emphasized that a postponement was desired only in order to reorient the Caudillo in a sense favorable to the telephone company.

At 11:20 Castillo’s representative telephoned that within half an hour I should receive a note from the Caudillo’s Secretariat postponing the interview.81

  1. April 26.
  2. Ambassador Weddell’s interview with Franco was postponed until April 27.