740.00111 European War 1939/484: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

209. For a long time past and in accordance with what I believe to be the spirit of the Department’s instructions I have endeavored to urge in appropriate quarters that in her own best interests Spain should remain neutral.

However, today a highly responsible Spanish officer countered this with the observation that while Spain may have been uneasy as to attacks on its neutrality, that in his opinion and in the light of recent events it is our own neutrality which is now in danger.

I interpret this remark to mean that in the opinion of my informant Germany may seize an early opportunity to react sharply to its present attitude.

Although the foregoing is but the observation of one man it may easily be that in the view of increasingly close relations between Spain and Germany especially as manifest in Germany’s acceptance of Franco as intermediary in bringing Germany and France together to discuss peace that the feelings may be a reflection of opinion prevailing in high German circles.