811.20 Defense (M)/479/22a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Hong Kong (Southard)

103. This Government has purchased the entire quantity of Wolframite (Tungsten ore) and antimony owned by Chinese Government now stored in Indochina. The Governor General of Indochina has been requested to release these materials for shipment to the United States consigned to a government agency here. He has informed American Consul at Hanoi that 1500 tons Wolfram at Saigon, 5500 tons antimony at Haiphong, and 400 tons antimony at Saigon had already been released for shipment to Singapore at request of Governor of Hong Kong. The Department was informed that the Governor General is prepared to authorize releases to the United States if the Governor of Hong Kong would approve.

Since the purchase has actually been made by this Government, and a cargo vessel is nearby ready to take these materials off, please request the Governor of Hong Kong to cable his approval directly to the Governor General of Indochina. You may stress the strong desire of this Government to expedite the shipment of these materials.