123 W28/266

The Consul at Dakar (Wasson) to the Secretary of State

No. 1

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s telegram number 193 of August 6, 6 p.m., addressed to the American Ambassador at Madrid,67 assigning me Consul at Dakar, Senegal, and to report that I arrived at my post on September 15, 1940. The Governor of the Circumscription of Dakar sent his Chef de Cabinet to the ship to welcome me. Representatives of the oil companies and trading firms and several honorary consuls came on board for the same purpose.

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Within a few days of my arrival calls were made on the Governor General, High Commissioner of French Africa, the Governor of the Circumscription of Dakar, the General Commandant Supérieur des Troupes du Groupe de l’Afrique Occidentale Française et de l’Afrique Equatoriale Française, the Rear Admiral, the Secrétaire General, the Directeur de la Sûreté, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the Director of the Banque de l’Afrique Occidentale, other officials, and consular colleagues. The Governor General, High Commissioner of French Africa, expressed particular pleasure that the Department had decided to reestablish a consulate at Dakar. He stated that he had not received confirmation of my appointment but that he would accord me provisional recognition and that I might enter upon my duties at any time.

The Governor General expressed the hope that commercial relations between French Africa and the United States would increase. At present France is unable to supply the minimum vital requirements of this Dependency, and it must turn to the United States for petroleum products, coal, foodstuffs, and pharmaceutical preparations. He stated that his Economic Adviser would submit suggestions to the Consulate regarding the manner in which payment can be made for imports.

There is enclosed a clipping from the Paris-Dakar of September 21, 1940,68 concerning the opening of the Consulate.

Respectfully yours,

Thomas C. Wasson
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