The Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Murray) to the Consul General at Casablanca (Goold)

Dear Goold: I have received your letter of June 14, 1940,47 enclosing an itemized account of imports into French Morocco for the first eight months of 1939.

Your cooperation in making this information available is much appreciated.

We are anxious to learn, as soon as possible, of the situation in French Morocco consequent upon the French armistice with Germany and Italy and we shall much appreciate any information you may be able to furnish us. Information which we would particularly like to have would include the relationship of the French Protectorate Government to the Pétain Government in France, the attitude of the local French authorities, French private citizens and the native population to the Pétain Government, the possible armistice problems confronting Morocco, the status of French Moroccan trade relations, and any information which may be disclosed by French Protectorate officials and your colleagues regarding the political future of Morocco.

Sincerely yours,

Wallace Murray
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