851.4016/5: Telegram

The Chargé in France (Murphy) to the Secretary of State

337. Vichy authorities are in the process of expelling undesirable foreigners with the announced purpose of ridding this overcrowded city of persons who serve no useful purpose.

Thus far only two American citizens, both Jewish, have been requested to leave. Authorities declare campaign is not directed against any racial group but there is no question that one of its objectives is to cause the departure of Jews. These, Laval30 told me recently, were congregating in Vichy to an alarming extent. He believed they would foment trouble and give the place a bad name. He said he would get rid of them.

The Doriot Parti Populaire Français31 is covering the walls of the town with inscriptions the keynote of which is “down with the Jews and free masons”.

The censor has refused permission to American correspondents to send stories to the foregoing effect.

  1. Pierre Laval, French Vice President of the Council of Ministers.
  2. Jacques Doriot was leader of the Parti Populaire Français, a Fascist party.