351.1143/5a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Bullitt)

44. The Department is receiving numerous inquiries from American citizens in regard to the status and protection of their interests in France. These interests consist of bank deposits, real and personal property including merchandise on consignment and claims for merchandise delivered, and inheritances, insurance policies, accounts receivable, et cetera. Please telegraph any information now available which would be helpful to the Department in replying to these communications and keep the Department currently informed by telegram of important developments in this connection. In particular are there any conditions under which bank deposits or other funds such as cash [Page 558] values of insurance policies and securities, proceeds of estates, accounts receivable, et cetera, may be realized and (a) expended locally, or (b) transferred to the United States? If so please specify conditions and procedure.

The Department proposes to inform the appropriate consular officer from time to time of specific cases brought to its attention in which American citizens have interests in France, and to request him to investigate and report the status thereof, and should occasion arise to extend such protection to the American interests involved as may be appropriate and feasible. Have you any suggestions or comment to make?