124.513/1335: Telegram

The Deputy Ambassador in France (Biddle) to the Secretary of State

14. My 13, 14th.83 In view of the impossibility of moving so many people under present conditions of transport and congestion of roads, the entire group of Embassy personnel with the exception of myself, Matthews, MacArthur, Wallner and Bastianello, is remaining in this area and in the following properties: (1) Chateau de Candé at Monts; (2) Chateau Dazay sur Indre at Azay sur Indre; (3) Manoir Le Becheron at Sache Azay Le Rideau; (4) Manoir de Laboulaye at Villaine near Azay Le Rideau. They are all in the Department of Indre et Loire in the neighborhood of Tours and will be clearly distinguishable by American flags flying from the roof[s].

Elbrick is remaining at my house at Prunier near Bouche Maine, 6 kilometers from Angers.

Please so advise the German Government for the information of the German military authorities.

  1. Vol. i , section under Extension of the European War entitled “Invasion of France by Germany and collapse of French resistance.”