124.51/132: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bullitt) to the Secretary of State

1136. The Foreign Office by note of June 9, 1940, received at noon June 10 in reply to an inquiry made by the Papal Nuncio, advises that the French Government has no objection to the departure from Paris of Chiefs of Mission and their personnel to establish themselves in the provinces. It suggests that the Chateau de Candé is provided for the Embassy.

The bulk of the French Government’s offices has departed for different points in Western France. The majority of diplomatic missions have also departed and as the Department is aware I have assumed charge of the interests of Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Union of South Africa, Egypt and Luxemburg.

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I have accordingly ordered the following to proceed to Candé and vicinity: H. Freeman Matthews, Hugh S. Fuller, Daniel J. Reagan, Leigh W. Hunt, Ernest Mayer, Douglas MacArthur, Woodruff Wallner, Hulda Cousins, Germaine Lambeser, Robert Cunningham, Raymond Bastianello, Marguerite Grasset, Florence Palmer, Daniel Eswilder, Anthony Zuber, J. Dawson Kiernan, Albert George, Josephine Finlay, Henry Hochart, Margaret Menzel, Germaine Debon, Marie Therese Hauteur, Franklin Falvey, Charles Anderson, Sam Maggio. I request a per diem of $6.00 for each employee.

I have instructed the following to proceed to Bordeaux to assist in the work of the Consulate there: Charlotte Beloeuvout, Joseph Degenhardt, René Dyersbrayer, Simone Hardy, Jeanne Kahan, Marie Lelievre, Taylor Gannett, Marguerite Metz, Eugene Masuret, Annette Wiemer, Helen Rodgers.

Under the congested, very expensive conditions now existing in Bordeaux I urge the per diem of $6.00 for each employee detailed there.