125.422 H/11: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark ( Perkins ) to the Secretary of State

471. Referring to Department’s telegram No. 196, July 30, 6 p.m. Following note verbale dated August 16, 1940, received from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the memorandum of the American Chargé d’Affaires under date of July 31 referring to the establishment of an American Consulate in Greenland.

The Ministry take note of the declaration contained in the said memorandum to the effect that this action of the United States Government had not in any way imperiled the validity of the declaration made by the Secretary of State on August 4, 1916 concerning the Danish rights over Greenland.

The Danish Government wish to express their sincere appreciation of the humanitarian motives which have prompted the American Government to come to the assistance of the Greenland population under the present abnormal circumstances and to provide them with supplies of such foodstuffs and other necessities which may be lacking as a consequence of the cessation of direct communication between Denmark and Greenland.

The fact mentioned in the said memorandum that telegraphic communication between the State Department and the American Legation at Copenhagen was interrupted by the entry of foreign troops on Danish soil explains why the American Government have thought fit to dispense with formality of the recognition of the newly appointed consuls in order to expedite the relief actions.

As the communication between the American Government and its Legation in Copenhagen has now been reestablished and functions normally the Danish Government expect that the American Government will in future if wishing to undertake further measures in connection with the approvisioning of Greenland submit such plans to the Danish Government through the channel of the American Legation in Copenhagen.

The Danish Government note with satisfaction the assurances given in the memorandum that the Consulate at Godthaab has been established on a provisional basis and will not operate to the injury of any legitimate interests.”