500.C/1018: Telegram

The Consul General at Geneva (Tittmann) to the Secretary of State

100. Consulate’s 91, June 15, 1 p.m. Avenol has today received a communication from the British Minister at Bern in which the British Government urges him to accept the Princeton invitation for the transfer of the technical services of the Secretariat. The Secretary General explained to the British Minister the position he had taken, namely, that he could not undertake to transfer to another country the technical sections unless their continued functioning as an international and intergovernmental organization could be insured and that for such a condition to be fulfilled he felt it essential to receive a formal invitation from the government of that country. He told the Minister that in view of this official step by a member state he would take the matter up with me. Accordingly Avenol has asked me to inquire whether our Government is prepared to extend such a formal invitation. An early reply would be appreciated.