The Minister in Bolivia ( Jenkins ) to the Secretary of State

No. 277

Sir: I have the honor to report that Mr. Julio Guzman Tellez, who, as reported in the last paragraph on page 6 of my despatch No. 272, of July 11, 1940,60 approached me at Foreign Minister Ostria Gutierrez’s request to support the latter’s stand on his non-attendance at the Consultative Meeting of Habana, informed me that he had been told by [Page 804] Dr. Ostria Gutiérrez that the German Minister, Mr. Ernst Wendler, had “advised” an official of the Foreign Office that Bolivia had no real interest in the Habana Meeting and should take no part in it. Mr. Wendler does not appear to have discussed the subject with the Foreign Minister himself. This attitude of the German Minister may be of interest to the Department in connection with the Secretary’s reported statement at a press conference yesterday regarding pressure in the same sense brought to bear on Central American Foreign Offices by the German diplomatic representatives.

Respectfully yours,

Douglas Jenkins
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