710.Consultation (2)/218: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Muccio ) to the Secretary of State

62. The Nicaraguan Minister for Foreign Affairs has just furnished me a copy of a note dated July 1 from the German Minister stating that, under instructions from his Government, he is communicating the attitude of the German Government toward certain proposals in the project of the agenda for the Habana Conference,51 which is as follows:

“Take into consideration that in view of the future development of the commercial relations between Germany and the American states the replacement of European products by American ones, even though it might be theoretically possible, would be against the economic interests of the majority of the American states since only European suppliers, and especially German ones, are in a position to receive in payment the products of the American states, as will be both desirable and necessary.

The purpose to give proposals of the Neutrality Committee in Rio de Janeiro an effective form refers apparently to the project submitted for discussion to the Neutrality Commission—which in practice would affect unilaterally only German and Italian vessels—under which merchant vessels of belligerent nations stationed in American ports should be interned. I must not neglect to call Your Excellency’s attention to the fact that the Government of the Reich in such a case would find itself obliged to consider the utilization of German boats actually in American ports by an American state and without the [Page 797] consent of Germany as an unneutral attitude and incompatible with the friendly relations between Germany and the American nations.

Furthermore I am instructed to express in general the firm hope of the Government of the Reich that the work of the above-mentioned conference, in accordance with its objectives, may take place within a well-established neutral policy in which no resolutions will be adopted aimed directly or indirectly against Germany. [”]

Copy and translation of entire note will be forwarded by first mail.

  1. For correspondence regarding the Second Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics held at Habana July 21–30, 1940, see Vol. v, pp. 2 ff.