740.00111 A.R./1103: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to All Chiefs of Mission in the American Republics Except Guatemala and Brazil 36

The Department has been informed that the German Minister to Guatemala has presented a memorandum to that Government with regard to the Argentine non-belligerency proposal and the protest of the American republics against the invasion of the Low Countries. The memorandum states that the German Government would consider it “a markedly unfriendly act” if Guatemala should join any such moves.

Please inquire whether similar representations have been made by Germany to the Government to which you are accredited and report by telegraph.

  1. To Chile as telegram No. 83, Colombia as No. 82, Costa Rica as No. 33, Cuba as No. 58, Dominican Republic as No. 57, Ecuador as No. 43, El Salvador as No. 15, Haiti as No. 71, Mexico as No. 144, Nicaragua as No. 33, Panama as No. 69, and Venezuela as No. 49.

    Only the replies which contained substantial affirmative answers are printed.