740.00111 A.R./1103: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala ( Des Portes ) to the Secretary of State

43. The Foreign Minister33a has just shown me a memorandum presented today by the German Minister33b with regard to the Argentine non-belligerency proposal34 and the protest of the American Republics made upon the initiative of Uruguay against the invasion of the Low Countries.35 After defending the German invasion of these countries the memorandum goes on to say that the German Government would consider it “a markedly unfriendly act” if Guatemala should join in any such moves, which the memorandum states are propaganda inspired by the personal hatred of certain foreign politicians.

The Legation would be grateful to know if a similar threat has been presented to the other American Republics and the United States.

Des Portes
  1. Carlos Salazar.
  2. Otto Reinebeck, German Minister in Central America.
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