740.00111 A.R.–Subs/17

The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Muccio ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1141

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s circular telegram of June 13, 1940, 8:00 p.m., pointing out that various American Republics have enacted laws or decrees designed to keep belligerent submarines from their territorial waters and ports. The Department also points out the desirability of all of the American Republics having sea coasts to adopt similar laws.

Immediately following its reception the contents of the Department’s instruction were brought to the attention of the Nicaraguan Minister of Foreign Affairs29a informally, who readily proffered to take the matter up with the President. There is now transmitted herewith a copy of Decree No. 76 passed by the Nicaraguan Congress without opposition on June 25, 1940, and signed by President Somoza on June 28, 1940,30 which, with certain qualifications, prohibits the use of Nicaraguan territorial waters and ports by belligerent submarines.

It will be noted that this decree goes into effect on the date of its publication in La Gaceta, but this publication has not yet taken place.

Respectfully yours,

John J. Muccio
  1. Mariano Argüello Vargas.
  2. For text, see Nicaragua, La Gaceta, July 5, 1940.