740.00111 A.R.–Subs/5½: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

227. For Under Secretary. Your telegram 102, June 11, Embassy’s telegram June 12, 3 p.m. The Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me that in a recent talk with British Ambassador, President Ortiz explained that his Government did not envisage changing its position on submarines for the present at least. He based this decision on the following factors: (1) remote likelihood of Italian or German submarines coming into these waters; (2) inability of large long-range submarines to operate under the surface in Argentine or Uruguayan waters owing to insufficient depth; (3) orders that have been issued to Argentine navy to sink any submarine attempting to interfere with shipping in Argentine territorial waters whether on surface or submerged.

Should the unexpected happen and belligerent submarines appear, Argentine Government would then decide whether a change in its present policy seems necessary.

Department’s circular telegram June 13, 8 p.m. received since above conversation. I shall discuss the matter further with the Minister for Foreign Affairs along the lines of telegram on the first opportunity.