740.00111 European War 1939/561

The Costa Rican Minister for Foreign Affairs (Echandi) to the Secretary of State

No. 3776–A

Mr. Secretary of State: The five Republics of Central America, at the initiative and through the Government of Costa Rica, invited the other Republics of this continent to address to the Government of Spain, on the occasion of the anniversary of the discovery of the New World, a collective message to express the deep affliction of America due to the fear that she might come to see herself enveloped in the frightful war which is devastating Europe and, at the same time, to formulate fervent wishes that the noble Spanish nation might maintain itself without change in the enjoyment of the infinite benefits of peace.

The American Governments shared the generous spirit of this proposal which would have all its force in a united call from Ameriica; they found the exhortation in behalf of peace very much in accord with the sentiments of universal humanity and confraternity; they saw in the unity of action proposed another step in the development of our Pan American system of joint consultation and decision of those international problems of common interest. But some States expressed their concern lest the initiative might be viewed as an intrusion within the radius of the duties which are and should be exclusive to each Government, and consequently, to the Spanish Government. Others stated that as the position of all the Hispano-American Governments with respect to Spain is not identical, they suggested the suitability of making the appeal for peace, not collectively but individually.

In view of the fact that the desired continental unity was not obtained, I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that my Government, after considering carefully the importance of the subject, deems fit to terminate these efforts based on the sincere desire of preventing by peaceful means the spread of the calamity of the war among the nations, and expresses to Your Excellency the intimate satisfaction of the Government of Costa Rica because of the interest and exquisite courtesy with which the enlightened Government of Your Excellency considered the proposal.

Accept [etc.]

Alberto Echandi