740.00111 European War 1939/520: Telegram

The Costa Rican Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Tinoco ) to the Secretary of State


Governments five Central American Republics consider opportune joint action American nations with a view to avoiding possible participation Spain present European conflict. In name of said governments I have the honor to make known to Your Excellency the feeling expressed and to inform you in case enlightened American Governments consider advisable initiative President Costa Rica6 following precedent and in order to assure unity of action will be greatly honored to address message on October 12th in name of American Governments to that of Spain expressing to it keen desires for maintenance of peace. Hoping for valued cooperation your Government I avail myself [etc.].

Luis D. Tinoco
  1. For text of Costa Rican note dated September 30, 1940, proposing joint action by the Central American Governments, see Guatemala, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Memoria … de 1940 (Guatemala, C. A., 1941), p. 95.