740.00111 A.R./1043: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Armour) to the Secretary of State

137. This morning’s Nación published an article marked “special” from Washington yesterday to the effect that it is learned today that negotiations are taking place with a view to a new declaration of Pan-American solidarity in which the 21 American Republics will declare an attitude of non-belligerency rather than neutrality; that North American diplomats in Buenos Aires have, according to reports, been discussing for several days these plans with Dr. Cantilo. The correspondent states that Mr. Sumner Welles refused to confirm or deny these rumors when they were brought up yesterday afternoon and that the Argentine Ambassador in Washington stated that he knew nothing of the matter.

The Associated Press correspondent here informs me that the Minister for Foreign Affairs has refused to discuss the article but said that he would have a statement on this matter to issue to the press tonight.

In the meantime the Associated Press, anticipating the forthcoming statement, is sending a telegram based upon their previous talk with Dr. Cantilo referred to in paragraph 2 of the Embassy’s telegram 133, of May 10, 3 p.m.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs has just telephoned me to say that if I will call upon him at 8 o’clock tonight he will give me a statement which he proposes to give to the press. He did not specify its contents other than to say that it would outline his Government’s attitude regarding Pan-American neutrality in the face of the European situation. I shall cable the text of this statement when received.