121.840 Welles, Sumner/42

Statement by the Secretary of State, February 14, 1940

This news item10 seems to be one more attempt at trouble-making. I think the President and I have agreed on policies and methods pertaining to our foreign affairs as nearly uniformly as any other two persons who have occupied our respective positions. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred in the discussions and conferences between us leading to the announcements made by the President of the special mission to Europe, and later by myself relating to the problems of economic restoration and of disarmament after the war.

As to Mr. Welles, I regard him as one of my most trusted personal friends and loyal co-workers, and it is always in that spirit that we discuss the various phases of our duties and problems. I do not think a more capable person could be sent upon the proposed European mission than Mr. Welles.

  1. i. e., an article on the special mission to Europe of the Under Secretary of State, written by the chief of the Washington bureau of the Chicago Tribune and printed in the Washington Times-Herald.