862.857/116: Telegram

The Chargé in the Dominican Republic (Hinkle) to the Secretary of State

46. The following is translation of the note cabled today by the Dominican Government to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama.

“I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that on the 9th of March the German merchant vessel Hannover was sunk by its own crew in the Mona Passage, in the vicinity of the coast of the Dominican Republic, on being stopped by a warship of British nationality. As these acts constitute belligerent acts within the waters adjacent to the American continent, and as the nations of America in accord with the Declaration of Panama of October 3, 1939 have the right, as a measure of continental protection, to preserve free from all hostile acts by a belligerent nation said adjacent waters for the distance from their coasts established in the zone of continental security, I request Your Excellency kindly to consult the other countries of America in the manner already established on the advisability of making a collective protest against this new violation of the above-mentioned maritime zone.”