661.6231/277: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

1260. My telegram No. 534 of March 2, 9 a.m.1 According to reports emanating from several sources there seems to have been of late certain difficulties between the German and Soviet Governments owing to delays on the part of German manufacturers in the execution and delivery of Soviet orders placed with German industry under the trade agreements of August 19, 1939 and February 11, 1940 which have been countered by a slowing down in shipments of Russian products to Germany. It is also reported that some 3 weeks ago Goering2 addressed a letter to the Reich Economic Chamber insisting on the [Page 553] necessity of manufacturers giving precedence to the execution of Soviet orders over all others even military in view of the decisive importance of an uninterrupted flow of Russian supplies for Germany’s war economy. Further, that he promised the full support of all Government and especially of all military departments in speeding up the delivery of Soviet orders and ordered that all cases where such assistance was not given immediately should be reported to him personally.

It is understood that at a recent conference with prominent industrialists Goering again raised this question and urged them to do their utmost to expedite the filling of Soviet orders.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Field Marshal Hermann Wilhelm Göring, Reich Minister for Air, Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe, Chairman of the War Cabinet, and nominated successor-designate to Hitler, September 1, 1939.