761.74/61: Telegram

The Minister in Bulgaria (Earle) to the Secretary of State

188. The King and Foreign Minister have the highest regard for our country and Government and are on the friendliest terms with me. However, today for the first time in answer to a question regarding the results of Soboleff’s conference here with the King the Foreign Minister begged to be excused, because of the delicate nature of these negotiations, from giving any indication whatever as to what occurred at these discussions. I consider the Foreign Minister’s failure to answer my question significant in that it indicates that the Russian proposals were of a highly political nature.

In reply to my question, he said that Bulgaria still had the Tripartite Pact under consideration.61

  1. The Minister had stated in telegram No. 177, December 2, that it had been “due to Boris’ clever presentation” to Hitler of the consequences of adherence to the pact that such adherence had not so far taken place. “Also, Russian influence here is an important though not decisive factor.” (740.0011 European War 1939/6967)