121.840 Welles, Sumner/11: Telegram

The Chargé in France (Murphy) to the Secretary of State

197. I asked Charveriat, Director of Political Affairs at the Foreign Office, whether some of the commentaries on Mr. Welles’ forthcoming European visit especially that of “Pertinax”8 might have been inspired by the French Government. He replied that the attitude of the French Government to Mr. Welles’ plan to visit France is (1) that of extreme sympathy for Mr. Welles personally and pleasure over the President’s selection of such an exceedingly well-qualified diplomatic representative and (2) reserve as to the purposes of the visit, believing that the President’s objective is within the good discretion of the American Government. It is not for the French Government Charveriat said to indulge in idle speculation but rather to await Mr. Welles’ visit and at that time to extend to him every cooperation.

Charveriat added that “Pertinax”’s comments distinctly are not inspired by the Foreign Office which does not attempt to control “Pertinax”’s imagination in all its aspects. He also said that the Havas’ commentary linking Mr. Welles’ visit with that of Mr. Taylor’s trip to Rome simply referred to the coincidence in the case of the travel of those gentlemen on the same ship.

  1. Pen name used by André Géraud, editor of L’Europe Nouvelle, a weekly review of international affairs.