740.0011 European War 1939/3353: Telegram

The Minister in Rumania (Gunther) to the Secretary of State

240. My telegram of May 27, 7 p.m. Major Ratay has just discussed the threat to Rumania of Russia with the high German military authority15 referred to in my telegram 239, May 28, 1 p.m.16 The latter stated that his authorities were perfectly well acquainted with the Russian militarized preparations apparently threatening Rumania. However, he said that a definite understanding exists between Germany and Russia and that his Government would not permit the Russian Government to invade Rumania. He stated flatly that the German Government had its own views as to the mouths of the Danube and certainly would not permit Russia to occupy them; that Germany did not want the peace and the status quo of the Balkans disturbed. He alluded banteringly to the prevailing nervousness in Rumania regarding Russia, which of late seems to have extended even to the King. He implied that this fear was being communicated in part by the Turks who now find that they have elected the wrong side and are concerned as to their own fate.

  1. This authority was a personal friend of Goring and was also reputedly close to Hitler.
  2. Not printed.